Fee Schedule

  Wire Transfer Fees 

Outgoing (Domestic)






 Overdraft Fees and Returned Item Fees
  Per Item


  Maximum per day


  Collection Fees* 
  Incoming (per item)



  Outgoing (per item)



  Foreign Check (per item)



  *plus all fees charged by Correspondent Bank    
  Research Fees
  Per Hour - one hour minimum



  Per Copy



  Currency and Coin Fees*
  Currency - per Thousand in excess of $10,000.00 (per order or exchange)


  Rolled Coin - per roll in excess of 10 rolls


  Coin per Bag


  *Currency and coin charges are not applicable to business analysis accounts
  Miscellaneous Fees and Charges 
  Money Orders



  Cashier's Checks



  Stop Payment Fee



  Special Statement



  Legal/Garnishment/Levy (or maximum permitted under law)


  Charge backs (returned deposit items) per item


  Backup Withholding




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