Debit Cards

Shopping woman with credit cardYour Visa Debit Card is an ATM card and checkbook all rolled into one. Use it to get cash or purchases at millions of retail locations world wide. Use it at the dry cleaners or the hardware store, buy lunch or rent videos. Your Visa Debit Card is welcome wherever Visa is accepted, so its uses are virtually endless! 

Your Visa Debit Card makes everyday purchasing quick and easy, because it works like a check, and it's safer than carrying cash. Even better, there's no checkbook to carry, or check to write, no need to show ID, or wait for approval — so you're in and out of stores in no time! 


If you believe your card has been lost or stolen or your information has been compromised, please call one of our Branch locations
during business hours, or 800-528-2273 after business hours. Outside the U.S. 812-647-9794 Collect.

 Are travel plans in your future? If so, call a Customer Service Representative today to ensure we have your contact information up to date.
If you are traveling, and/or are experiencing card problems, please call the Bank during normal business hours.

Please call toll free if traveling within the US 866-701-1122